Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coming soon...Fire Goddess

I am in the process of picking out materials for another one...take a look at my workbench. Haha kindling for the fire goddess! This is kind of the process. A bright idea, then putting together a pile of things to maybe use for the creation of the piece, then the building. 
So far, I have a face already made. And a base for the body. And a pile of materials.
Stay tuned for updates along the way!
Christine Amaryllis
PS: here is the final product. I am not in love with the way the face came out, but it is passionate, and that is good.

Today's creation

This is Winter Crone, a doll donation to the silent auction at Live Oak UU Church Yule Fest. I decided to be a vendor this year. A couple of years ago I was a vendor...before I was really making one of a kind sculpted dolls like this. We shall see how this goes. I wonder if people will fall in love with these dolls when they see them in person. The photos just don't always do them justice. For instance, on my computer right now, the cloak on this doll looks blue, and really it is a deep regal purple. Funny. 

I really like how the face came out.

Happily creating,
Christine Amaryllis

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A doll as an apartment warming gift for my young one. Charles says the doll looks a bit like the young one...hee hee. It is called "Gemini" and as we know Geminis tend to do twelve things at once, flawlessly, and learn French besides...

Charity dollies

"Every Doll Needs Roots"
Donation to Every Doll Needs A Home charity auction in Schenectady NY last month.

Dreads by request

Sha-Man- yep, with wool dreads. I had to put some dreads in my son's hair when he had them...really fun. NOT. Anyway, after that I tried it with the wool roving. Think I could do a bit better now. Thanks for the suggestion! 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good morning

Today's offering...a swap doll for one of my online groups...she is called Autumn Goddess. I hope she is going to a happy home. It is always interesting to see other doll artists' work when you do a swap. I have a couple that other people made, some in clay, some in fabric, all gorgeous. I feel very lucky to be able to interact, get critiques, and help and be helped on these online groups. Yay for the internet! 

She is polymer clay for the face, a wrapped wire body, corriedale wool for the hair, and various silk flowers and leaves here and there.

Playing with dolls,
Christine Amaryllis